Announcement 20 July 2019: More Australian Blockchain Credentialed Beef Lands in China

We are pleased to announce that another shipment of Australian beef, credentialed using blockchain technology, will land in Shanghai imminently.

The beef is rump steak, individually portioned and vacuum packed in Australia. The beef is from cattle raised on natural grass pastures in south west Queensland. It was slaughtered and packed at Northern Cooperative Meat Company, Casino New South Wales.

“We are working with seasoned producers of world-class pasture raised beef to evaluate the credentialing technologies, as well as our China domestic direct-to-consumer distribution platform.

“The product is packed in our distinctive gift boxes, with six individual portions in each box. We will be distributing it to consumers from our recently established micro distribution node in Wuhu, Anhui Province.

“Australian beef is hormone free, and benefits from the clear air and pollution-free environment for which the country is well known. We are fielding growing interest from food services professionals for grass-fed beef, and look forward to working with producers to enhance credentialing into the China market to create win-win outcomes,” said BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell.

Demand for beef – including Australian beef – has been growing extremely strongly in China for the past 12 months. Increasing household wealth, and the ongoing expansion of the eating-out marketplace, are key driving forces of this demand growth. Consumers are also growing their own abilities and confidence to prepare imported beef at home.