Announcement: LibertyPost&Co. … launched and Sets Sail

A collaboration between LibertyPost and BeefLedger

  • Cross-Border E-Commerce Services and Platform
  • Robust Supply Chains
  • Blockchain Credentialed

A banquet was held in Beijing on 22 November 2019 to formally launch the joint venture between LibertyPost and BeefLedger. The joint venture – LibertyPost&Co., based in Australia, is an innovative integrated model incorporating social e-commerce, blockchain credentialing and dependable supply chains. In doing so, LibertyPost&Co., heralds the successful application of blockchain technologies in cross-border e-commerce.

This collaboration took its lead from the BeefLedger range of credentialed Australian beef products, which utilise blockchain technologies to support enhanced traceability. The supply chain process data is stored in BeefLedger’s Proof of Authority Network, providing a robust “immutable” base to enhance cross-border trade and payments for all kinds of products. At the same time, the underlying platform will enhance the systemic trust of supply chain participants including consumers.

The joint venture provides consumers with platform by which they can validate the data of all the products they purchase through it. At the same time, the platform reduces supply chain information asymmetry and raises supply chain efficiency. 

The integrated LibertyPost&Co., model delivers to consumers an environment in which they can gain confidence in product authenticity, and provide greater assurances in relation to supply chain risks. The ultimate aim is to increase consumer satisfaction, reduce capital costs to supply chain participant and support the healthy development through collaborative action of cross-border e-commerce sub-markets.

BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell (L) and LibertyPost CEO Katherina Li (R)

So as to simplify import / export trade, provide more direct access for Australian and New Zealand products to high-end, discerning Chinese consumers and at the same time, facilitate smoother access to Chinese manufactured goods for those in Australia and China the ecosystem that has been created delivers:

  1. Faster customs clearance;
  2. In-country storage services and infrastructure (including cold chain);
  3. Logistics; and
  4. Payments services.

This way, we now open up the market to hundreds and thousands of Australian and New Zealand businesses, products and brand owners and at the same time, tackle issues that worry consumers. We also create a smoother pathway for China exports to reach new markets and satisfy new consumers.

At the banquet, LibertyPost founder Ms Katherina Li emphasised LibertyPost&Co’s three core pillars, namely:

  1. A active and vibrant, and rapidly growing social e-commerce platform in China with (B2C and B2C channels);
  2. Blockchain credentialing of products and services; and
  3. Dependable Australian and New Zealand supply chains and partners.
Katherina Li explains LibertyPost&Co., core business.

She said, “By simplifying trade and speeding up the process flow, and strategically integrating with bonded warehouse services, e-commerce capabilities and “bricks and mortar” display centres, we are able to support market growth for many products and brand owners. Imported products are credentialed with blockchain technologies, enabling consumers to buy with confidence, and enabling international friends (expats) in China to access high quality products.

“It is true that there are some very large established e-commerce players. However, with our innovative new integrated model, we are well-positioned to grasp the opportunities offered by a supportive policy environment and market trends to pursue expansive opportunities. With integrate supply chain resources, backed by the latest in blockchain technologies, and already leading the market, we look forward to even more visionaries to join with us and make the most of this market opportunity.

At the banquet, BeefLedger founder and chairman, Warwick Powell said,

“Food, wine and a love of culture is a common language that unites us all.”

BeefLedger’s Warwick Powell discusses the supply chain.

“We are passionate about ensuring that consumers can be confident in the food that they buy and consume. In a world in which there is widespread fraud and counterfeiting, we need to work hard to build platforms and channels that people can trust.

“We do this by bringing together new technologies with our supply chain capabilities in Australia to ensure the beef that Chinese consumers can buy is of the highest standards. 

“BeefLedger has developed the first blockchain solution for the Australian beef supply chain. The beef you will enjoy tonight has been credentialed on our blockchain.

Warwick Powell shares BeefLedger’s product range

“China has recently become Australia’s largest beef market by volume. This is the first time in 50 years that this position isn’t occupied by either America or Japan.

“But beef supplies are tight. We have been experiencing a long standing drought in Australia. High quality supply capacity is under pressure. To ensure we can continue to provide high quality Australian beef to China’s discerning consumers, BeefLedger has secured collaboration from a number of beef cattle producers.

“In 2020, we look forward to increasing our supplies of high quality beef, credentialed on our blockchain, to consumers, restaurants and top end hotels. We have the ability to supply grass-fed all-natural beef with capability of at least 20,000kg per month. Our premium grain-fed beef will also be available. And of course, we look forward to introducing our Private Reserve Selection of Australian full-blood Wagyu.

“Our collaboration with LibertyPost provides a one-stop platform for businesses and consumers to purchase blockchain-credentialed Australian beef and other Australian products. This is a collaboration that we look forward to expanding as the years go by.

“Under the dynamic leadership of Katherina Li, LibertyPost is building cross-border bridges that will create long-lasting social and economic value.”

Michelin Cuisine Showcase

Banquet guests enjoyed 5 beef-based courses prepared by Australian Steak Maestro, One-Hatted / Michelin rated, Chef, Chris Wade. Products showcased at the banquet are all available on the LibertyPost platform.

Australian Steak Maestro created truly memorable dishes for guests
QUT’s BeefLegends Research Lead discusses digital narratives with guests.


It was a full-house at Beijing’s Artyzen Hotel.


Prestige products from Australia, like the Steak Maestro range of flavours, were also showcased.


Our Principal Wine Sponsor was Tamburlaine Organic Wines.

About LibertyPost

LibertyPost provides a one-stop S2B2C social e-commerce platform. Suppliers and regional speciality / boutique producers can onboard to the platform, and we will take care of the rest by providing a full suite of services on their behalf including: opening up trade channels (Australian and NZ products into China; China made products to other markets) and collaboratively build an online smart cross-border e-commerce ecosystem.

LibertyPost’s key advantages are:

  1. High quality supplier and supply chains. We adopt the “direct source + direct sale + direct distribute” model. In doing so, we integrate supply chain resources to enable direct warehouse distribution, direct procurement from factories, reduced in-market risks resulting in competitive insurance premiums and product quality assurance through direct sourcing. We have already entered into supply chain strategic agreements with JingDong (JD), WangYi KaoLa and either other major online distribution chains, as well as with 67 broads such as NIKE, ChaoHou, and ZiranTang.
  2. Educational institutional tie-ups. We already have entered agreements with 130+ higher education institutions across China accessing large student market cohorts and institutional users of our platform.
  3. Online Key Influencers and distributed sales channels. We have entered agreements with 2 MCN organisations and 54 KOLs through which we access tens of millions of fans. Distribution network infrastructure includes APP, WeChat mini-app and institutional sales collaboration channels.

About BeefLedger

BeefLedger is an integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform.

It is a general purpose technology platform, utilising blockchain technologies, that harnesses a growing range of product provenance information as a basis of improved payments and confidence amongst supply chain participants. 

The platform provides consumers with a means by which they can validate the credentials of the product they are purchasing and drive efficiencies in supply chains by reducing information asymmetry between transacting parties. BeefLedger combines the blockchain’s attribute of being a robust validator of historic states (as a record of past events) and the power of crypto-economics to drive incentivised systems shaping behavioural optimisation in supply chains.