No major undertaking is possible without the involvement of a diverse range of people and organisations. Collaboration has been part of the BeefLedger DNA from the outset and our approach to the November 2019 China Showcase Roadshow is no different.

That’s why we are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with rapidly growing social e-commerce platform Liberty Post in the implementation of the Roadshow program.

Warwick Powell and Katherina Li (Founder & CEO Liberty Post) discuss the November showcase events

“We’ve just completed another successful round of meetings with the team here in Beijing, and are pleased to continue our strong working collaboration. Our partnership with Liberty Post is expanding, and we look forward to opening up this collaborative platform and channel to our other partners,” said Warwick Powell.


The Liberty Post team will take the lead in event curation, digital documentation and post-production across 3 key events in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. Liberty Post will also be hosting a MasterClass in Beijing, which will feature interactive sessions with Steak Maestro Chris Wade.

BeefLedger-credentialed premium Australian beef features on the Liberty Post platform enabling a direct-to-consumer functionality.

About Liberty Post

Liberty Post is one of the fastest growing new generation social e-commerce ecosystems. Formed under the auspices of Asia Telecom, a subsidiary of the Asia Finance Group headquartered in Beijing, Liberty Post is developing a multifaceted ecosystem empowering consumers and entrepreneurs.

The Liberty Post e-commerce mall already boasts over 130,000 SKUs with high quality products from across the globe. BeefLedger is a strategic partner and provides the channel by which curated premium Australian and New Zealand producers can directly reach hundreds of thousands of discerning consumers.

We welcome inquiries from Australian and New Zealand brand owners to list on Liberty Post.