BeefLedger announcement: last mile distribution structure takes first step

BeefLedger is pleased to announce the establishment of its first independent “micro” distribution partnership in China. The partnership and associated cold-storage infrastructure is situated in Wuhu, a city of 3.6 million people, approximately 400km west of Shanghai.

Pictured is Mr Xu Qibin, a Wuhu resident, who becomes BeefLedger’s first local BeefLegend in China. He’s inspecting one of our new box freezers before delivery.

The model sees locals empowered to be BeefLegends. Local partners act as both last mile pick-and-pack service providers, supporting sales achieved via the Liberty Post social e-mall platform, as well as being sellers to the public in their own right.

We have in effect introduced a layer of physical decentralisation to complement our decentralised data ledger. Our approach aligns local empowerment wherever possible in the supply chain with a steadfast commitment to mitigating product counterfeiting risk. 

Micro distribution partners have staked their reputations and, in effect, have “skin the game”.

“Marrying the Liberty Post platform with distribution partners with a genuine stake in maintaining authenticity creates a new channel for boutique Australian producers of excellence to access the burgeoning middle class markets of China. 

Pictured above is Liberty Post CEO Katherina Li with BeefLedger’s Charles Morris (L) and Warwick Powell (R).

“The Liberty Post platform enables decentralised (or peer-to-peer) referral sales, as well as provides a legally compliant payments and administrative “back end” to support our people on the ground. Our partners can focus on educating their social networks and expanding awareness of the value of credentialed Australian beef.

“With swine flu constricting pork supplies, and the recent recording of cases of Mad Cows Disease in Brazil, the risk of adulteration, substitution and counterfeiting is higher than ever. 

The Wuhu distribution partnership will act as a pilot. As we work with our local partners, we will refine the partnership model for broader implementation,” said BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell.

Strategic Location

Wuhu is well located to service a significant footprint, as shown in the map below.

As shown below, the location is central to the 152 million person Yangtze River Delta “City cluster”, which includes Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and Wuxi.