Our November 2019 China Showcase III series is part of an ongoing research activity being conducted under the BeefLegends banner. It is a key part of our broader Export Smart Contracts project being developed in collaboration with Food Agility CRC, QUT and other partners.

The BeefLegends research is spearheaded by Jock McQueenie. Jock is a doctoral researcher at QUT having spent his working career in the innovative space of culture + commerce + community value brokerage.

The research is breaking new ground in understanding the dynamic interactions between cultural practice, corporate demands and community value. An added dimension is the development of digitally enabled feedback loops that can close the gap between consumers and producers, and enable consumers to create new economic value.

BeefLedger is working with Beijing-based social e-commerce ecosystem developer LibertyPost in many of these areas, with the aim of delivering new value growth opportunities for supply chain participants.

Here’s Jock with Industry Mentor, LibertyPost Founder Katherina Li, and BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell.

“We are exploring not only how the digital dimension can ‘close the gap’ between consumers and producers, but also how consumers actually create new economic value. With the growth in online purchasing, and digital interactive interfaces in the China market, the voice and perspective of the consumer will only strengthen and gain in significance.

“The production of product-relevant content is no longer the preserve of professionals. Amateurs and semi professionals are now able to enter the space, as barriers to entry fall to nearly zero. Short video apps, like Douyin (TikTok), are transforming the supply chain landscape.

“For decades, supply chains have been viewed as linear flows of products. Producers are positioned at the left and products flow from left to right. Little attention has so far been given to the production of data that is present throughout the activities of each supply chain node, let alone how this data can create value and enable improvements in the social distribution of value.

“These are some of the questions we are exploring,” said Jock McQueenie.


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