New Project Aligns with National Blockchain Roadmap

BeefLedger’s new R&D collaboration with Future Food Systems CRC and Queensland University of Technology is fully aligned with the Australian Commonwealth Government’s National Blockchain Roadmap.

The new project is summarised well at the Future Food Systems website here.

Hon. Karen Andrews, Minister for Science, Industry and Technology

The Roadmap was launched in February 2020 by Hon. Karen Andrews, Minister for Industry, Science and Technology. Minister Andrews’ media statement accompanying the launch is here. In launching the Roadmap, she commented:

Blockchain technology offers great potential to save money, initiate new business and export opportunities, boost economic growth and create new jobs. Governments and private industries all stand to benefit from embracing this technology.”

BeefLedger’s recently announced 3-year 4-phase research and development project in collaboration with Future Food Systems and QUT aims to mobilise blockchain technologies to develop a comprehensive and integrated digital ecosystem that sits alongside the new Export Food Hubs being developed across the country.

“The aim is to develop the digital superhighway that enables the movement of information to support the rapid movement of goods and services. Our focus, with Future Food Systems and QUT, is naturally on Australia’s food exporting capabilities,” said Warwick Powell, BeefLedger Chairman and founder.

Giving buyers access to data on products is one of the many benefits of the BeefLedger system.

Agriculture and Food: Key Beneficiaries

The Roadmap identified agricultural exports as key areas for the application of the technology. “We’re pleased to be on the same page as the Roadmap!” he said.

Extract from National Blockchain Roadmap, February 2020

“All jokes aside, it is a tremendous testament to the vision of the team and our collaborators, with their feet firmly planted in the realities of markets, to have focused on this important sector. Food fraud is a massive challenge, as recognised in the Roadmap – whether it be in wine or beef – and it’s one that blockchain technologies can contribute significantly to addressing.

Skills Development Needed

“The Roadmap also identifies a need for greater depth in the skills base if Australia is to maximise the potential that the technology brings. We have a globalised team of development capabilities and are always looking for opportunities to boost applied skills and experience locally. Collaborations with QUT and CRCs are a tremendous way for these skills to be developed.

“We are also focused on the broader range of skills that are needed if regional communities are to fully capture the potential benefits of ‘digital value creation’. Our BeefLegends initiative, inspired and curated by Jock McQueenie, is an important element in our we believe digital technologies can be embedded in real life communities,” said Warwick Powell.

Senator the Hon. Jane Hume addresses the 2019 APAC Blockchain Conference, Sydney

Ongoing recognition

We remained buoyed and encouraged by the ongoing recognition of our work in the agrifood supply chain space. At the APAC Blockchain Conference in Sydney last year, Senator the Hon. Jane Hume, Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial Technology commented:

Another company – BeefLedger – is currently developing a process of tracking beef exports to Asia using blockchain, to protect against fraud and to prove the quality of Australian beef from paddock to place.

The BeefLedger team combines a unique combination of skills, experience and knowledge to deliver the kinds of cross-border digital infrastructure solutions needed into the 21st century. With backgrounds in finance, investment, food systems, technical development, supply chain risk management, community value, and market analytics anchored by design, the team stands ready to do its bit to contribute to the realisation of the National Broadband Roadmap.