BeefLedger is pleased to welcome Lucas Cullen to our team of developers. Through DLTx, Mr Cullen has been retained to provide development expertise to fast track the completion of our ‘next generation’ consensus mechanism for data validation within the BeefLedger Proof of Authority network.

Lucas Cullen

About Lucas Cullen

Lucas Cullen is one of the most highly regarded members of the Australian blockchain community. He is a full stack developer with a background in mathematics. He brings a strong understanding of design patterns and cryptographic algorithms.

He was a board member of Blockchain Australia, and previously the Bitcoin Association of Australia. He has advised major corporates and governments on the potential application of blockchain technologies.

Project Kratos

Mr Cullen will be working with our other core research and development team members Tom Miller and Santiago Del Valle, on Project Kratos.

Project Kratos is one of the key development pods within the BeefLedger constellation, and is focused on developing a capability for network participants to actively and organically evolve the applicable mechanisms by which they, collectively, arrive at decisions about their shared information universe.

Phase One of this protocol is anchored by our multisig functions, which enable near-limitless variations on multisig procedures. This has been designed to enable decision-making circles to be organically formed, whereby participants agree on the applicable decision rules. It is an organic approach, enabling networks and their participants to continually adapt to evolving circumstances and needs.

Phase Two focuses on introducing whole-of-community participation mechanisms in transaction validations. Schelling Point ideas underpin the mechanisms, which create economic mechanisms for collective ‘truth’ convergence.