BeefLedger Announcement: 20 May 2019

BeefLedger Export Smart Contracts Project appoints full-time post doctoral research fellow to drive Food Agility project implementation

Our team continues to expand, reflecting our rapid growth path in research-driven technology design and implementation.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Valéri Natanelov, after an extensive global search, as a post doctoral research fellow based at Queensland University of Technology.

Dr Natanelov will be a key driver of our Food Agility CRC / QUT “Export Smart Contracts” Project. He will work closely with the entire team to ensure alignment and will also contribute to some of our future research efforts in supply chain finance and risk management via data-driven smart contracts.

Dr Natanelov’s has a global pedigree, having developed his academic and commercial career in Netherlands, Belgium and the United States before migrating to Australia.

“Val brings both research depth and private sector experience, not to mention an ability to straddle the worlds of finance, technology, agriculture and science.

“His trans-disciplinary capacity is exactly the kind of open-mindedness a project like BeefLedger needs.

“He has a passion for bringing knowledge to bear on achieving improvements in the market place, and we look forward to his contributions,” said BeefLedger Chairman and Founder Warwick Powell.

His education includes:

  • Bachelor of Bioscience Engineering: Cell- and Gene Biotechnology,  2007 (Antwerp University, Belgium);
  • Master of Bioscience Engineering: Agricultural Economics and Management, 2009 (Ghent University, Belgium); and
  • Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences, 2014 (Ghent University, Belgium) with a research focus on Commodity futures markets: dynamic interrelationships between financial asset markets, energy markets and traditional agricultural commodity markets. 

Dr Natanelov is the author of multiple publications in international peer reviewed journals and is an associate editor with the International Economics and Finance Journal. 

For over seven years, he directed a business innovation firm in Digital Technologies and has extensive expertise in Design Thinking and Knowledge Brokering practices. In addition, he consulted and collaborated on several blockchain projects.