The BeefLedger and Chef Outta Water (COW) collaboration continues. The teams are joining forces again to present a technology + culinary experience in China that showcases the best of Australian beef and wine, combined with new credentialing technologies.

Since July 2019, China has emerged as Australia’s largest beef export market by volume. The position had previously been occupied by Japan.

“With China’s seeming insatiable appetite for premium Australian products, including beef, there’s a parallel demand for greater consumer confidence in anti-fraud and credentialing technologies.

“That’s what we at BeefLedger have been working at. But we also know people can’t eat and enjoy ‘bits and bytes’. At the end of the day, technology is there to support and empower people to enjoy the fruits of collaborative labour – in the production, transformation, distribution and preparation of amazing foods and wines.

BeefLedger Chairman Warwick Powell, COW Chef Chris Holen and Crowne Plaza Huizhou Executive Chef Ken Chen and Chef John Yang.

“By teaming up with the Chef Outta Water team, we are able to bridge the technology, culinary and cultural worlds to deliver a truly memorable and high value experience,” said Charles Morris, BeefLedger director.

The China Showcase Roadshow will see BeefLedger and Chef Outta Water deliver a Signature Series of Dinners as well as a program of Chef  Exchange events. The Roadshow will cover 6 cities in the second half of November 2019.