BeefLedger SA is a Broad Based Black Economic Empowered (BBBEE) accredited company that is driven by the belief that consumers and all supply chain participants can benefit from greater transparency and streamlined transactions in the beef supply chain.

Food safety and fraud concerns are massive issues in South Africa. We are a premium producer of high quality beef products and have earmarked China as a priority export market. BeefLedger SA is deploying and commercialising a globally proven integrated blockchain-enabled beef provenance platform and smart contracts payment regime that streamlines payments and strengthens consumer confidence in product credentialing. This platform has been developed by our partners in Australia.


BeefLedger is an integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform. It is a general purpose technology platform project, utilising blockchain technologies, that seeks to harness a diverse range of product provenance information as a basis of improved payments and confidence amongst supply chain participants.

It will provide a platform by which consumers can validate the credentials of the product they are purchasing, and drive efficiencies in the supply chain by reducing information asymmetries between transacting parties. BeefLedger combines the blockchain’s attribute of being a robust validator of historic states (as a record of past events) and the power of crypto-economics to drive incentivised systems shaping behavioural optimisation in supply chains.

The beef supply chain in South Africa is one of the most complex food production and distribution systems around involving live animals, dynamic environments and climatic conditions, strict regulatory regimes, transportation and processes of disassembly and reassembly. 

Numerous families, businesses and communities depend on the viability and sustainability of the beef supply chain. There are over 22,000 beef cattle producers across South Africa, with a national herd of around 13.3 million head of cattle. The industry is a major exporter into the African continent, the Middle East and Asia.

As demand for beef in growing markets like China increases, the risks of meat fraud and safety increases. A robust credentialing platform is needed to ensure that the reputation and value of the South African beef industry is protected. This includes provenance data right through to consumer data. Whereas South Africans consume on average 13.7kg per person of beef per year, Chinese consumption is considerably lower (6kg). However, Chinese beef consumption is growing rapidly.

Our mission is driven out of the experiences of our team, which has extensive (decades’ long) involvement in beef production and distribution, land management, product packaging innovation, financial services and cross-border trade – particularly with China. The team straddles extensive industry experience and expertise, combined with a strong research and development core backed by our academic institutional partnerships and allied industry partners.

Our parent company in Australia is a founding industry partner of the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre (FA CRC – The FA CRC is an Australian Commonwealth Government funded initiative. It operates an AU$150m research and innovation hub to harness the power of digital technologies to help the Australian agrifood industry to be more internationally competitive and sustainable.

BeefLedger Limited Australia is a public unlisted company, registered in Australia. As a public (unlisted) company, we are required to meet strict audit and governance requirements. Our independent external auditor is WPIAS.


Participating in the Platform and Network.

Anyone in the community can participate in the network by purchasing BEEF Tokens. BEEF Tokens are pre-mined utility tokens, which act as a means of payment for data value across the supply chain as well as for the supply of cattle and meat to consumers.

A foundational release of BEEF Tokens were distributed by private pre-sales. The pre-sale program concluded 30 June 2018, with 30% of Tokens committed. Tokens have been secured by Chinese consumers (retail end-users as well as wholesale import partners), domestic supply chain participants and project partners. Some of these Tokens will enable the transacting of our first credentialed beef shipments.


BeefLedger provides the following products & services:

For Producers,Brand Owners& Exporters:


We provide a range of technology-enabled brand value protection solutions. Our solutions are integrated to our blockchain technology-based platform, which authenticates product data and provides consumers with peace of mind about product authenticity. Essential for exporters to Asia.


We provide a full suite of market entry and distribution services. This includes export-import documentation through to product listing on our social e-commerce platform. Cold storage and last mile distribution capabilities support B2B and B2C models.


We provide a range of technology-enabled brand value protection solutions. Our solutions are integrated to our blockchain technology-based platform, which authenticates product data and provides consumers with peace of mind about product authenticity. Essential for exporters to Asia.


We provide direct to consumer opportunities. We partner with a rapidly growing e-commerce community that is committed to protecting and promoting authentic products and services of excellence. BeefLedger is a founding partner in Beijing-based Liberty Post social e-commerce platform, which has an active daily user base of tens of thousands of consumers. Australian products are listed on the platform exclusively via BeefLedger. If you have retail products, you can now get direct to the end consumer.


In addition to digital channels, BeefLedger provides opportunities for products and brands to be introduced to discerning consumer opinion leaders via our program of Showcase events. These events bring together consumer and industry influencers, as well as representative’s from government, to introduce new products and brands. Showcasing cuts through in an increasingly cluttered market landscape. Ask about being part of our next Roadshow event through China.

For Importers:


South African beef is in high and growing demand. Trusted access to dependable supply networks and infrastructure is needed to secure supply capacity over the medium to long term. For discerning importers and distributors seeking access to credentialed authentic South African beef and allied food and beverages products, BeefLedger can tailor supply solutions to deliver consistency and long-run security.