Update: User Survey to Inform Future Priorities

User feedback sits at the heart of our design philosophy.

As part of the November 2019 China Showcase Program, we implemented a survey of participants to gauge perspectives and attitudes towards:

  1. Authentication value, including comparisons between existing credence claims and the prospects for blockchain technology supported credentialing to enhance value; and
  2. The role, tenor and aesthetic cadence of digital narratives as part of the lived experience of modern digitally-enhanced consumer experiences.

User Survey

The survey was implemented by a self-complete questionnaire designed by the research team at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). This is part of the ongoing collaboration under the auspices of the Export Smart Contracts Project that is being developed with QUT and Food Agility.

Thanks for Dr Cao Shoufeng for leading this, not to mention to cross-disciplinary input from Professors Marcus Foth and Uwe Dulleck, and Drs Val Natanelov and Felicity Deane.

User feedback via a WeChat enabled questionnaire in English and Chinese

In-Depth Exploration

In addition to the surveys, QUT doctoral researcher Jock McQueenie also facilitated a half-day workshop with collaborators at LibertyPost in Beijing. There, staff from the social e-commerce platform developer provided in-depth feedback and insights on contemporary aesthetic and design trends in the integration of digital narrative production and consumption to modern retailing.

Jock McQueenie engages in detailed exploration of modern digital narrative issues and trends with the LibertyPost team, Beijing


The survey analysis will be completed soon, and preliminary findings will be made available to the BeefLedger team in the near future. We will brief our industry and ecosystem partners on the findings and the strategic implications in the near future.

For us, research and development go hand in hand. Findings are always provisional insofar as the marketplace is evolving quickly and keeping a finger on the pulse is critical to establishing and maintaining relevance.

Only by listening acutely to the value drivers of our ecosystem  – consumers and other stakeholders – is it possible to sustain a quality-based advantage in the marketplace.