BeefLedger is pleased to announce that it has become a strategic founding partner of Liberty Post (自由宣言), a rapidly growing Beijing-based e-commerce community platform.

This partnership – by invitation – opens up a dynamic referral market place to premium Australian products, spearheaded by our blockchain-credentialed beef.

Liberty Post is a project being developed by Asia Telecom, a member of the Asia Finance Group.

“We have been very selective in the digital partnerships and platforms we work with, because it’s absolutely vital that we mitigate the real and material risks of counterfeiting on the larger, more traditional ‘mass platforms’,” Warwick Powell, Chairman of BeefLedger said.

Liberty Post works by rewarding community members whenever they assist in promoting and selling products. Rewards include discounts and rebates, redeemable tokens and membership status ultimately entitling people to earn their own stake in the platform. It’s a kind of ‘social retailing’, which revolves around the power of networks and friend-based recommendations.

“In a market place like China, recommendations from friends is a more persuasive and powerful driver of retailing behaviour than just about anything else. The absence of trust in supply chains is one of the main reasons for this.

“Fully integrated into the ubiquitous WeChat ecosystem, Liberty Post community members can easily drive introductions and recommendations through their social networks.

“When buying products, community members earn various reward tokens, which can be redeemed for platform products or go towards offsetting the cost of purchasing.

“As a strategic founding partner, BeefLedger will also participate in platform net profits. This makes it a unique proposition, delivering win-win-win opportunities for platform developers, partners and community members alike,”explained Mr Powell.

BeefLedger launches its Liberty Post partnership with a comprehensive range of consumer-ready premium beef from Australia. Other Australian products, credentialed with Blockchain technology, will be progressively added to our store presence.

Liberty Post is available only in Chinese at the moment. An English version will be available in the near future. The Liberty Post App can be used on both Android and iOS devices.

The partnership with Beijing-based Liberty Post was sealed over lunch with Ms Li Xiaoman (CEO) and Mr Wang Chenyu (Manager, International Product Partners).